Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico injured in shooting: Latest updates and reactions

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico injured in shooting: Latest updates and reactions"

Slovakia's Political Landscape Rocked: Prime Minister Robert Fico Targeted in Shocking Shooting Incident


  • Slovakia was rocked by a shocking incident when Prime Minister Robert Fico was injured in an afternoon shooting after a political event. on the 15th of May. 
  • The attack, which put the populist leader in a life-threatening condition, took place near the cultural center of the city of Handlova. Here’s an in-depth look at the case, the latest updates and reactions from across Europe.

Details of the case:

  • Slovak TV station TA3 reported that 59-year-old Prime Minister Fico was shot four times in the abdomen after being shot at a supporter’s demonstration.
  •  A suspect was arrested in connection with the shooting.

Updates on Fico’s condition:

  • A post on Fico’s Facebook account confirmed the severity of his injuries, saying he had been shot multiple times and was in critical condition. 
  • Efforts were accelerated to transport him to hospital and a helicopter took him to Bansk√° Bystrica for emergency treatment.

Political implications:

  • The shooting took place in a heightened political climate in Slovakia just weeks before important European Parliament elections. 
  • Known for his pro-Russian views, Fico faced both support and opposition in Slovakia for his policies.

Reactions of Slovak leaders:

  • Deputy President of the Parliament Lubos Blaha confirmed the incident in the parliamentary session and suspended the proceedings. 
  • The opposition parties Progressive Slovakia and Freedom and Solidarity condemned the violence and called on politicians to exercise restraint.

International verdict:

  • European leaders quickly condemned the attack on Fico, emphasizing the need to uphold democratic values and condemning political violence.
  •  President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen described it as a “malicious attack” and emphasized the importance of preserving democracy.

Support from European partners:

  • Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala expressed shock at the incident and wished Fico a speedy recovery, reinforcing his stance against violence. 
  • Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk also expressed his solidarity with Fico in this difficult time.

Concerns and Criticism:

  • Critics have expressed concerns about Slovakia’s direction under Fico, particularly its alignment with pro-Russian interests.
  •  Protests against government policies highlighted divisions in the country.


  • The shooting of Prime Minister Robert Fico sent shockwaves through Slovakia and drew widespread condemnation from European leaders.
  •  As the investigation progresses, the case highlights the importance of political stability and the fight against violence in democratic societies.

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