“Tom Brady’s 1st Netflix Roast Moment: Loyalty Shines as He Defends Friend Amidst Jokes!”

A Memorable Moment from Tom Brady's Netflix Roast !

Tom Brady Netflix roast Jeff Ross Robert Kraft New England Patriots

When Tom Brady took the hot seat on his Netflix roast, he knew he was in for a wild ride. But even on the table of everything, there was one line he didn’t want to let slip. During the roast, “Roast Master” Jeff Ross decided to make fun of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and then Brady drew the line.

Ross joked about Brady’s campaign history and then ventured into risky territory by suggesting that Kraft could give Brady a massage. It brought up Kraft’s past legal issues related to massage in 2019, a topic Brady did not want to take lightly. 

Brady’s response was swift. He leaned towards Ross and calmly expressed his condemnation with a clear message, “Don’t say that s— again.” While Ross took it in stride, it was clear that Brady was not amused.

This moment showed Brady’s loyalty and protectiveness not only to him, but also to his loved ones. It revealed his willingness to stand up for what he believed was right, even in the midst of comedy, where boundaries are often pushedFrom protecting his personal circle to setting boundaries during grilling, Brady’s actions underscored his commitment to integrity and respect both on and off the field..

Tom Brady Netflix roast Jeff Ross Robert Kraft New England Patriots

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